Experienced developer, programmer, co-designer, architect, service- and ux-designer for hire at Qvik

I am a multitalented, fast learning and early adopting technology enthusiast with a long professional experience in programming, requirements elicitation and software design. I love good design and simple functional human-computer interaction.

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What have I done?

At VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland I have worked as a research scientist on co-creation, co-development, user-centred design, novel user interfaces and new co-design and service design tools at Owela Open Web Lab (see owela.fi) as well as semantic web (see profile.vtt.fi) and content aggregation, big data and distributed real time services and software architectures in international research projects (e.g. ACDC). As a project manager I have prepared and run projects with several b2b and b2c companies as well as governmental institutions.

My previous experience ranges from game development to network hardware installations to broadcast television to assisting in shooting eyes with a laser.

Some web-things I've done

Alliance Wars - 2 million pages per month for a browser based web game in the beginning of the millennium. Coding and design. Experimenting with Ajax before it was cool.

Owela developer and maintainer. Owela is a WordPress based web laboratory for co-everything. The work involved a lot of PHP and MySQL work as well as HTML and CSS things.

Mobile HTML5 QR-voting application for Owela. Lightweight and easy participation and insight gathering on top of user-centered studies using jQuery Mobile forms. Made with Node.js, MongoDB and Express.

Scenario tool for quick collaborative prototyping of ideas and services (unfinished). With a proper background you can make prototype schemas, user interfaces, SWOTs, UMLs, roadmaps, matrixes, blueprints, journeys, experience maps and just about anything you can think of collaboratively over the web.

Server side of web

I have worked a lot with Apache and , but nowadays I prefer nginx for its robustness. With Node.js I prefer Express. Still, I love to try out new things and AngularJS is one I can't wait to use in real world instead of just tinkering with it as a hobby.

I have also done web applications with Java on Tomcat container. On the Java side I'm familiar with frameworks like Spring and JSF and things like Jersey and RabbitMQ.

On the bottom of the stack I like to use Linux. I prefer Debian based distributions like Ubuntu and Mint and I have installed and maintained many of those for many different purposes. RedHat, CentOS and BSDs like FreeBSD as well as Windows are part of my stack too.

Get in touch!

By phone: +358 40 571 5191

By email: timo.hintsa@gmail.com, timo@qvik.fi

Via LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/thintsa

For a formal representation grab my CV here. Note that the fonts look horrible on Firefox built in pdf.js viewer. Please download it instead.

Sources for this portfolio can be found in GitHub.